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We are qualified legal professionals, providing full-scale legal services to our clients in Kaunas. We provide professional advocate services in Kaunas, help clients to defend their rights and implement legitimate interests. Our lawyers have both domestic and international legal experience, allowing us to provide and sustain high quality of legal services on a wide range of legal subjects. The law firm employs experienced advocates who provide high level legal services at affordable rates.

While providing advocate services, we promptly respond to the client’s needs and problems. The services are focused on achieving the desired result and not on the sustainment of process.

The services provided by the law firm includes: consulting clients, preparation of various documents, preparation of court procedural documents and representation in all courts of the Republic of Lithuania, law enforcement, state and municipal institutions. If it is not possible to come to the law firm for a consultation, we can also provide the consultation remotely – by e-mail or telephone.

Advocate Arūnas Stukas law firm

Advocate Arūnas Stukas law firm is located at Kęstučio st. 59-12, Kaunas. The law firm provides professional lawyer – advocate services in Kaunas in the following areas: civil disputes (litigation), family law, corporate and business law, real estate and construction law, contract law, inheritance law, public procurement law, labor law as well as other areas. The law firm provides services in Lithuanian and English.

In case of any questions or for the price of the services you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact details provided.

Why choose us?

A core part of our client servicing policy is to perform every task for our clients with the highest level of professionalism and business ethics in mind.

High quality of our legal services is the main and most important factor of our work. Irrespectively of the type and scope of the requested services, we always try to reach our client’s goals with maximum possible efforts.

We aim to provide high quality legal services at an affordable price. In case of a positive legal dispute outcome, legal fees paid to us will be adjudged by the court.

Law firm

Advocate Arūnas Stukas law firm provides qualified legal services to individuals and legal entities. The law firm strives to create a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, so every client is important. We strive to retain customers by offering a high price-quality ratio. One of the law firm’s working principles is direct communication with the lawyer providing the service.

Who are we?

To provide the maximum possible benefit to the customer.

Client-focused. Our services are based on a core principle – our customer is always right. Your needs is our goal, therefore we will place the maximum possible effort in achieving it.

Qualification and professional standards. Our policy is – to adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and professionalism. We are qualified and continuously developing legal professionals. Various legal experience and continuous improvement, helps us to sustain a high quality of our services.

Efficiency. We are working with minimal operating costs, so we can maintain a very high price-quality ratio.

Long-term partnership. One of our main objectives – is to establish a long-term mutual cooperation with our clients. The basis of any partnership is mutual trust. In order to win it, we put maximum our efforts in serving every our client.

We have knowledge of today’s market and business in Lithuania, its needs and challenges. You will be in good hands.

We aim to be ahead of our competitors. We provide high quality legal services at the same time sustaining a competitive and affordable price.


Advocate Arūnas Stukas specializes in the following: civil disputes, family law, corporate and business law, real estate and construction law, contract law, inheritance law, public procurement law, labor law. Adovcate has acquired professional experience in these professional areas. Continuous professional development and improvement allows to ensure the highest level of legal services.

Information about advocate Arūnas Stukas:

Advokatas Arūnas Stukas
Advokatas Arūnas Stukas